Interesting El Mirage Facts: Jesse James’ Record Attempt

In 2009, Jesse James, the owner of custom bike shop West Coast Customs, blew past the current record of 185 mph for hydrogen cars. However, according to the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA), a record was not set as a new world record requires two mile-long runs within one hour of each other. James went 199.7 mph for a distance of 132 feet.

James used the Dees-Milodon Engineering Davis B Streamliner for his run. The car had traveled as fast as 237 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. It was converted to run on hydrogen gas by James and the nose was filled with water and ice to keep engine temperatures below 170 degrees.

James fell just shy of the 200 mph club but he certainly raised the bar for hydrogen cars!

Results from the SCTA May 19-20 Event

There were 117 entries: 78 cars and 39 bikes.
 There were 18 records: 14 cars and 4 Bikes.

There were 280 starts. 
Saturday: Starts=164 from 7:40 to 15:07
Sunday: Starts=116 from 7:50 to 12:40
. Four spins, 16 turn outs, 1 turn in and 1 no call.

Everyone had the opportunity to run 4 times.

The weather was great. 
Runs were hard to come by in the morning since there was no wind 
to settle the dust. 
Temperatures were warm with a slight head wind in the afternoon.

Two candidates for the “Dirty” 2 Club.

No first place candidates.

Speed Record Classes

Quick facts:

El Mirage Dry Lake Records

SCTA El Mirage records are one way speed records. These are set on a dirt surface at El Mirage Dry Lake in California. The track is 1.3 miles long.

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Streamliner – Lakester – Roadster – Oval Track – Coupe & Sedan – Modified Sports – Classic – Production – Grand Touring – Truck

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